Two Teenage Girls Celebrating Successful Exams Results

Congratulations to everyone who achieved the results they were looking for! For those of you who got far better results than predicted, you may consider other university options besides your current firm offer.  Examples include a university or course higher up in the league tables, or perhaps even one for which you were initially rejected. This requires a lot of thought and should be talked through with your school adviser. 

For those of you who have missed your university offers, you will automatically be entered into the Clearing system once eligible (your Track status will show this).

Before looking at alternative courses, do ring up the universities of your first and second choice anyway to see if they may still take you. If you are concerned whether or not you’ll meet either your conditional or firm offer, we advise you to look at clearing in the run up to results day to see what alternative courses/institutions are available. This is particularly important for the more competitive courses. Although situations can change quickly in terms of what places are available, our Head of Studies, James Higgins, urges students to remain calm:

James Higgins

“Students will have heard this before but don’t panic. If you’ve done the correct thinking around your course choice for your initial application and are comfortable that the subject is right for you, then that is the most important factor. Clearing doesn’t open until 3pm on the Results Day and it doesn’t shut until 23rd October - there will be more than one option that is right for you.” ​

Do stay in touch with school advisers for help and support. If you are still confused after discussing your results and options with your school advisers, you may like to seek independent advice. Bonas MacFarlane has a wealth of experience in this area and would be delighted to advise students and parents on results and next steps.