Bonas MacFarlane Education
1-2 Vicentia Court, Bridges Court Road,
London, SW11 3GY.

+44 (0) 207 223 2794

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Bonas MacFarlane is one of London’s longest established and most successful providers of specialist education consulting and tuition. Since 1992 our consultants and tutors have gained a reputation with thousands of discerning families, for helping their children succeed at the leading schools and universities in Britain and the USA. Our unprecedented list of close contacts and relationships with leading schools takes our service above and beyond that of our competitors. We are discrete, bespoke and focused on helping students achieve to the best of their abilities and continue to work in partnership with families from many walks of life and countries.

Our expertise includes:

  • Private tuition for all subjects and ages, whether in person anywhere in the world or online
  • Independent school selection in the UK and USA
  • University admission in the UK and USA, including programmes for Oxbridge and Ivy League colleges
  • Summer courses
  • Academic and motivational mentorship
  • Guardianship for overseas children
  • Career preparation

Bonas MacFarlane helps students succeed by providing access to a learning environment that is confidence inspiring and suited to their individual needs. This might be a school or university, or a long term working relationship with a tutor or mentor. We believe that every student should become a high achiever in at least one field – whether it is academic, sporting, artistic or scientific. Our key objective is to find the school, tutor or mentor who will direct a student to these potential strengths.