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Oxford & Cambridge Applications

The challenge of applying to Oxbridge is unique. This course provides you with an introduction to the process, from admissions tests to the collegiate system.

Extension Lecture Series

The Academy’s lecture series gives you unique access to some of the UK’s leading academics, who join us to debate a range of current issues.

Reading Series

Oxbridge applicants are expected to have read widely around their subject. Our series provide weekly readings, video lectures and podcasts that have been curated by UK academics.

Interview Preparation

This introduction teaches students how to prepare for high stake interviews. They will learn what admissions tutors are looking for and develop strategies for dealing with the questions.

Meet the Staff

Our academy has a roster of top UK tutors, academics, admissions staff and consultants


The schools’ partnership programme uses our innovative Academy platform to bring the UK’s leading application experts live into your school. 

This is a cost-efficient way for schools to significantly boost their students chances when applying to Oxbridge and highly competitive courses such as law, medicine, business and economics. 

Partner schools access our expertise:

  • Advice is provided by London-based Bonas MacFarlane consultants;
  • Enrichment is provided by academics from top British universities;
  • Staff training from Bonas MacFarlane helps your staff to better support their pupils through the most complex university application processes.

Once on the programme pupils can also opt for additional enrichment courses and 1-1 support with Bonas MacFarlane tutors.

Qualifying students at schools on the partnership programme can also apply for Bonas MacFarlane scholarships.

To find out more 

Download pdfthe Schools Partnerships brochure

or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Extension Lecture Series: 04 Leadership

Thursday 28 September 2017, 6.30PM to 8PM

For this lecture we are considering ‘leadership’. Politics and business increasingly focus on individual leaders. Is this irrational or do the world’s problems need philosopher kings? Why do individuals now seem so significant?

There are a very limited number of free tickets available. If you would like to bring pupils from your school please book now:



Please call us to discuss your requirements. If you would prefer to make an online enquiry, please use our client enquiry form.

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