Tailored programmes to prepare you for applying to and studying on the UK’s most competitive courses such as medicine, law, dentistry, economics and business at the top Russell group universities.

Blending 1-1 tuition with online lectures and seminars, it brings together high-achieving students from across the world. The University Preparation Programme provides a bridge between sixth form and advanced university study.

You will be assigned assigned a Personal Tutor, who guides you through all aspects of your application. 

Course Dates: 15 January 2018 to 28 September 2018 

Key Features

  • A Modular Programme - After a short introduction to the UCAS application process, the programme is modular. Guided by your Personal Tutor, you will create an individual programme of study and choose three courses that address your particular needs.
  • Course Types - There are courses to help you determine the best subject and university choices, courses that deepen your subject-specific knowledge and courses which develop advanced critical thinking skills.
  • Enhanced Performance - The programme’s blend of subject enrichment and guided reflection aims to enhance all aspects of your performance in the application process.
  • Personal Statements – These are written between June and September. Drafts of the personal statement are supported by four one on one tutorials with the Personal Tutor.
  • The Parent App – This enables parents to monitor all aspects of their child’s progress through the Academy Programmes.
  • An Intensive Course - The programme is intensive and you will be expected to commit to 1-2 hours a week.


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