Active Lifestyle & Skills provides the opportunity to pick up new sports talents on the way to becoming fitter, healthier and happier. Children and adults alike can fall into the trap of leading a sedate and inactive lifestyle. No matter what age, ability or schedule, Bonas Active will tailor a programme and provide a coach that will account for all these variables, imparting fresh abilities along the way.

Our bespoke skill coaching and fitness routines will give children them an edge, or confidence to participate in school sports making the most of their education. A core foundation is to work with students on improving cognition and coordination through exercise that will overflow into schooling life. For adults who wish to pick up a new sport and get fit without aid of the same of gym membership and hard slog, Active Lifestyle & Skill Fitness is perfect.

Primary functions:

  • Combine basic fitness principles with Sports Skill Acquisition to provide a balanced & fun fitness service. 
  • Cater for all ages providing a performance pathway based on your goals & ambitions.
  • Incorporate physical rehabilitation & correct movement foundations from an early age to promote the most efficient and safe kinetics in all sports.
  • Tailor/advice on a healthy and balanced lifestyle to become more productive in education & work.
  • Most service can take place in the comfort of your home if work out privacy is a priority (access to a park can be needed to perform certain tasks). 

One-to-one sessions at Bonas Active give the opportunity to improve yourself. An active coach will be matched to your case based on a number of criteria. From this an initial assessment will take place centred on a personal medical and exercise history before structuring a unique course.