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About the Course

This course will help to prepare you for the 2017 pre-interview Economics Admissions Assessment for application to the University of Cambridge (the ECAA).

The ECAA is designed to test your potential for what will be an academically demanding undergraduate course. It requires candidates to use and apply their reasoning and mathematical knowledge to new and unfamiliar contexts. This highly interactive and detailed course will help you develop the skills required to perform well on the assessment, guiding you through what to expect.

The assessment is split into two sections. Section 1 is comprised of approximately 20 problem-solving questions and about 15 advanced mathematics questions in a multiple-choice format without the use of a calculator. Section 2 will be an extended essay responding to a question in relation to a short passage (1-2 pages) of text. The text will relate to a topic of economic interest (broadly defined) but it will not require any prior knowledge of economic analysis or factual economic information. The course will cover both sections.

For section 1, we will work through problem-solving strategies and mathematical problems - homework will be set and individual and detailed feedback provided. Section 2 is designed to test the quality of your reasoning, i.e. your ability to construct a reasoned, insightful, and logically consistent argument with clarity and position. This is where the course will be at its most interactive - you will be challenged during the lesson to present your argument for the examples we work through.

Group Tuition

Groups larger than 4 can opt for their own private lessons. Please contact us for more details.

Meet the Course Designer

Hannah Roberts graduated from Oxford in Economics & Management in 2011. She tutors Economics, Maths, and Physics alongside starting her own company. Previously she worked at Goldman Sachs and Google.

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