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About the Course

This course helps to prepare you for the Geography Admissions Assessment (GAA). It assumes that students have completed AS Geography or equivalent, and should be undertaken in conjunction with wider reading into current Geographical debates. The five lessons will cover all aspects of the GAA. They will focus in greater detail on skills areas which are not covered as part of A Level teaching, such as; critical thinking, numerical and spatial reasoning. Exercises will be taken from past papers, published mock exams and tutor generated material. For the last session students can request topics to be covered. 

Course Structure:

There will be 5 lessons. Students will also complete and self-mark past papers to identify areas they need to focus on. There will be homework exercises set between sessions, these are optional but highly encouraged. Candidates need to be entered for the GAA by 15 October 2017.

Important: In 2017, the test is set for the 2nd November. In addition to their UCAS submission, candidates need to be entered for the GAA by their examination centre by 15th October 2017, for more information see the Cambridge Admissions Testing Service’s website:

1-1 Tuition

If you cannot make the class sessions 1-1 Tuition would give you more flexibility and a more bespoke approach. The cost of five 1-1 lessons is £430.


Groups larger than 5 can join a class or opt for their own private lessons. Please contact us for more details.

Meet the Course Designer

James Phillips is a committed and enthusiastic tutor with experience tutoring students aged from 11 to 25. He holds a Geography degree from Oxford University and is experienced in tutoring for applications to Oxbridge, both for interviews and the TSA. James is also enjoys acting and hiking.

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