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BM in China


5 sessions


About the Course

This course will focus on the Natural Sciences Admission Assessment (NSAA). In order to do well in this exam, it is important that students have a good knowledge of AS Maths and two of Biology, Chemistry or Physics. The five lessons will cover all aspects of the NSAA, starting with three hours on Paper 1 and the last two hours on Paper 2. We will be looking at the overarching themes for each subject and tackling some of the harder questions found on the past papers. In between lessons, students will be able to apply the knowledge they’ve gained and further practise their skills. Practising these skills by completing past exam papers will be key to students’ success in this assessment.

1-1 Tuition

If you cannot make the class sessions 1-1 Tuition would give you more flexibility and a more bespoke approach. The cost of five 1-1 lessons is £420.


Groups larger than 5 can join a class or opt for their own private lessons. Please contact us for more details.

Meet the Course Designer

Marta de Andres graduated from Cambridge University with a Master’s in Chemistry and is attending Oxford University in September 2017 to start Graduate Medicine. She has tutored students of all ages for near on five years in the science subjects and has experience with Oxbridge applications for both Natural Sciences and Medicine. Alongside her studies, she enjoys playing the piano, rowing and travelling around the world.

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