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5 sessions


About the Course

This course will prepare you for the Physics Aptitude Test (PAT). A good understanding of AS physics and mathematics content will be assumed. Over the 5 lessons, all aspects of the PAT syllabus will be covered. There will be a focus on harder questions which go beyond the common techniques you may have seen in school as well as a more in depth look at topics which are not usually studied at AS level. All exercises in this course and assigned homework will come from past papers. For the last lesson students can request topics to be covered.

In between these lessons you will be assigned 3 past papers as homework. At the end of each lesson there will be some optional homework exercises with solutions provided in the next lesson.

1-1 Tuition

If you cannot make the class sessions 1-1 Tuition would give you more flexibility and a more bespoke approach. The cost of five 1-1 lessons is £430.


Groups larger than 5 can join a class or opt for their own private lessons. Please contact us for more details.

Important: In 2017, the test is set for the morning of 2nd November. Candidates need to be entered for the Physics Aptitude Test (PAT) by 15 October 2017 via the Cambridge Admissions Testing Service’s website.

Meet the Course Designer

Thomas Galley is currently working on a PhD in theoretical physics at University College London. He holds an MSci. in physics and philosophy from the University of Bristol and an MRes in quantum technologies from University College London.

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