Tuesday 18 September 2018, 6.30pm-8.30pm

The Bellemain Room, Dyslexia Teaching Centre, 23 Kensington Square, London, W8 5HN

Your child is unique, as is each school. Establishing the right match for your child is one of the most challenging decisions a parent can make, especially with the increasing variety of outstanding schools available.

For the first London Parents Forum of the academic year, our panel of experts will offer insight into how parents should choose the right senior school for their child.

"Choosing a school has never been easy but with independent schools in Britain enjoying global demand and fees rising ever higher, the landscape is trickier to navigate accurately. What does flexi-boarding really mean? Should your child take the IB instead of A-levels? What on earth is the EPQ, who cancelled AS-levels and why are GCSE grades now numbers not letters? Will your child be better suited to co-education, boarding or day? Join us to unpick these questions and learn just what really matters regarding the education of your children."

William Petty, Director of Bonas MacFarlane

The talk will be followed by a Q&A with the speakers, offering parents the chance to have their specific questions answered. Refreshments will be provided.


The London Parents Forum is a series of short courses led by leading child educational professionals. Organised by Bonas MacFarlane Education, the Forum provides parents with the information they need to help their children thrive in London. Bonas MacFarlane has helped hundred of families find the right schools and universities for their children.

Huw May

Huw May

Head, Eaton House Belgravia

Mr Huw May took up his position as the Head of both Eaton House Belgravia Pre-Prep and Prep Schools in September, 2017. Under his leadership, in 2018 the Pre-Prep School has achieved the best 7+ and 8+ results for 5 years, with 39.1% of boys achieving Westminster Under or St Paul’s Junior School offers, amongst many other fine schools.

Neil McLaughlan

Neil McLaughlan

Head, Westminster Cathedral Choir School

As Head of Westminster Cathedral Choir School, Neil relies on the 7+ and 8+ tests to assess students entering his school. Neil believes passionately that parents should understand the process and know how they can best support their child as they prepare for the assessment.


Saint Columba's Church

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