Robotics, Coding & Engineering Workshop (Age 7-12) by Inspired Minds

Take robots apart to learn how they work. Then build your own! These carefully crafted workshops are full of hands-on, fun activities. We spark enthusiasm for building (and breaking!) things and solving puzzles.

10% discount on our Robotics, Coding & Engineering workshops with 'BONAS' discount code.

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Rocket Science


A STEM workshop series to enrich academically advanced students, aged 10-14, beyond the curriculum.

Come to Rocket Science STEM Workshops this summer and take a step towards becoming one of the engineers and scientists of the future! For a hands on, practical exploration of science, technology, engineering and maths then come and meet us this summer and get in on the fun. Learn how things work by deconstruction and rebuilding. Let Rocket Science show you how Engineering can be used to create something truly miraculous – like a robot, rocket-car or UAV. 

To book your place with a 10% discount on Rocket Science workshops call the Course Director on 07795074969 or send an email to and quote the discount code 'BONAS'.

London Parents Forum: Deciphering the 7/8+

Friday 15 June 2018, 9am -11am

For this London Parents Forum, we will be welcoming a panel of speakers to help parents understand the 7/8+ entrance procedures. 

Headmasters Huw May, of Eaton House Belgravia and Neil McLaughlan, of Westminster Cathedral Choir School, will focus on the reasons for considering 7+ and 8+, how best to prepare for these assessments and the impact that this can have on your senior school strategy.