Exam Fear

I cannot thank you enough for finding us Fergus. He was charming, brilliant, totally professional and, crucially, had the emotional intelligence to connect with a nervous boy whose own worse enemy was his fear of exams. Kit was immediately at ease with Fergus and was absolutely happy even at the end of a gruelling full day of tuition. Fergus was always punctual, communicated immediately, and did more than his allotted hours voluntarily and regularly without extra pay. Finally as an old Abingdonian Fergus, entirely on his own initiative, did due diligence with his old masters about what would be expected of Kit in the exam and interview. I cannot praise him highly enough. 

Last night I was warmly recommending your agency to a tableful of Hampstead parents. I know that thanks to you and Fergus Kit has achieved the very peak of his potential. Please know that you will always have an ally and advocate in me. I have send two copies of my latest book to you at your office as a small token of my gratitude. I hope you enjoy it.


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