This year a number-based grading system has been introduced for some subjects, including English and Maths, with students receiving a score from 1-9 rather than U-A*. Other subjects, including Biology, Chemistry and Physics, will remain the same and be graded U-A* until 2018 or 2019. 

results table

Your results may well lead you to rethink your choices heading into the sixth form.

If you have exceeded expectations in a certain subject, you may feel that you would like to continue this in sixth form. However do remember that an interest combined with ability in the subject is critical if considering the subject for A-level/IB/Pre-U. At this stage the workload increases and there is a chance this could be what you choose to study at University. If you are disengaged with the subject, your performance will suffer.

For those of you who received an unexpected grade, you can choose to go down the remark route. However if you do choose to get your exam script remarked, your grade can go up or down. Make sure you seek advice from your teacher before doing so.

If your GCSE/IGCSE grades have impacted an A-Level/IB/Pre-U choice negatively, please do not feel disheartened. There are a wide range of options that will still be available to you as many schools offer subjects that are not available at GCSE/IGCSE.

If you still feel confused after speaking to your school, Bonas MacFarlane would be delighted to offer independent advice. We are also offering taster sessions which are designed to give students a greater insight into studying a particular subject at sixth form level. In these one-to-one sessions our experienced tutors will give you a sense of the subject content, course structure and exam requirements, helping you make the most informed choices about what subjects are best suited for you. We appreciate that the choice may seem daunting but we hope that we can help you feel confident as you head into the next stage of your education. Whatever subjects you are considering, from Psychology A Level to Economics Pre-U, do get in touch with Harry, Rachel or Mary from the tuition team for further advice.