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BM in China

All children need oversight if they are to succeed. Boarding schools have systems in place, but experienced boarding families know that their input is also vital. This can be hard for overseas and busy professional families. An Academic Mentor is an experienced parent or professional educator who fills the gap.

Our Academic Mentors motivate, guide and advise children and build their confidence. Even at the most competitive schools and universities, children benefit from outside mentorship to ensure that they are gaining the most from their education. This service is especially useful for overseas families.

As part of this service Mentors will:

• Visit the child at school regularly to meet with House parents, tutors, and teachers as necessary, monitoring academic progress and giving you feedback via report.

• Assist parents in interpreting school end of term reports and liaise with the school on your behalf to resolve anything that is of mutual concern.

• Resolve any issues or concerns parents and child may have regarding pastoral care matters. Help the child make important subject choice decisions at GCSE, A Level or IB.

• Assist in making arrangements for holiday revision courses if required.

• Organise tuition programmes with Bonas MacFarlane tutors.

• Advise on suitable UK or US university courses and help with the application process.

Please call us to discuss your family's requirements. If you would prefer to make an online enquiry, please use our client enquiry form.

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