Charles Bonas: Principal

Founder of Bonas MacFarlane, Charles was a music scholar at Harrow School, read History at Oriel College, Oxford, and studied at the College of Law in London.

James Higgins: Head of Studies

Prior to joining Bonas MacFarlane, James was head of year in a London school. He completed both his BA in Hispanic Studies and his MA in Politics at Sheffield.

Marco Liviero

Marco Liviero has taught English at Cheltenham College, The King’s School Canterbury and at Eton College where he is also a House Master.

Shirley Zhang

Currently approaching her final year of medical school at University College London, Shirley is an experienced tutor with a background in supporting students in their A levels and GCSE exams, and also helping medical applications to Oxbridge. She completed her…

Dr Francis Hutton-Williams

Francis Hutton-Williams holds a DPhil from Oxford, where he was an Amelia Jackson senior scholar. Since completing his doctorate, he has worked as as an academic tutor for St. Catherine’s College.

Dr Matthew Tranter

Dr Tranter read Medicine at the University of Oxford and completed a PhD at Imperial College London. Having previously taught Medicine at Imperial College London and Trinity College Oxford, Matthew is now College Lecturer for Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and…

Yolanda Ohene

As an undergraduate, Yolanda studied physics at Imperial. She is currently studying for a PhD in biomedical imaging at University College, London. She has worked on BBC science and engineering programmes and spoke at the 2016 Cheltenham Science festival.

Dr Antone Martinho

Antone Martinho is a Fellow in Biology at Magdalen College, Oxford. He took his BA in Neurobiology from Harvard University and his DPhil in Zoology from University College, Oxford.

James Phillips

James is a committed and enthusiastic tutor with experience tutoring students aged from 11 to 25. He holds a Geography degree from Oxford University and is experienced in tutoring for applications to Oxbridge, both for interviews and the TSA. James…

Helen Broadbridge

Helen is a recent graduate of Jesus College, Cambridge, where she studied Modern and Medieval Languages (Russian and French) with Management Studies. She began tutoring in 2013 in Moscow. Since then she has taught students aged 6-17 from West Berkshire, London and Hong Kong…

Dr Sophie Whitaker

Sophie read Modern History at Christ Church, Oxford. Her doctorate was on medieval Mallorcan history. Sophie then studied at the College of Law in London. 

Jason Myers

Jason has an MSc in applied mathematics and physics. He is currently working on a PhD in theoretical physics at King’s College, London.

Jon Richens

Jon has an MSc in theoretical physical physics and an MRes in quantum physics from Imperial College London. He is currently working towards a PhD in theoretical quantum physics at University College London.

Tom Phillips

Tom Phillips graduated from Keble College, Oxford with a degree in PPE in 2015. He has since completed the Law Conversion Course and will be starting the Bar Course in September 2017. He has been working as a tutor and…

Krisztina Csortea

As an undergraduate, Krisztina studied PPE at Oxford. She is book reviews editor, international affairs, at Chatham House, and a research student at Kings College, London.

Michael Zervos

Michael is a Cambridge graduate, he completed his BA in 2015 with a pre-clinical Medical Sciences and Social Anthropology degree, and is continuing studying clinical Medicine at UCL. While studying, Michael has worked extensively as a mentor and tutor, with…

Peter Badoo

Peter is currently pursuing a PhD in Applied Mathematics at Cambridge University. He did his undergraduate degree at St. Hilda's College, Oxford, where he received a Double First among other prizes.


Guest Lecturers

Professor Michelle Cini, Bristol
Mike Curran, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Dr Andrew Gardener, UCL
Dr Claire Gordon, LSE
Dr Andrew Harrison, Bristol
Dr Amber Jacobs, Birkbeck
Professor Sofia Olhede, UCL
Dr Stephen Rose, Royal Holloway
Jeremy Till, UAL
Dr Sophie Van Huellen, SOAS

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Extension Lecture Series: 04 Leadership

Thursday 28 September 2017, 6.30PM to 8.30PM

Is the Holocene over? Have we entered a new geological epoch where humans are now the strongest force acting on the Earth and its ecosystems? And if so does this change how we think about the past and the present, does it disrupt our ideas of progress or help us deal with the future?

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