Are Private Schools a Waste of Money?

Charles Bonas contributed to this article in The Telegraph Magazine 01.05.2021, extract below.

‘There is no such thing as a “best school”,’ Bonas says. He thinks that ‘most independent schools, despite charging fees, still offer more value than most state schools in terms of intangibles like heritage, aesthetics, confidence building, esprit de corps, and tangibles – green space, teacher-to-pupil ratios and essential facilities.’ But he recognises too that ‘some children may have absolutely no interest in that and excel at large, hugely diverse state schools and take justifiable pride in working their way up. I predict that it will become more usual for one sibling to take this route while another goes to an independent day school, perhaps for the final two or five years, while a further sibling goes to a small country boarding school for seven years. All these outcomes will result in confident, independent learners, positive in their differences.’

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