Spring Tour 2024

Boarding Schools Show Spring Tour 2024 sponsored by Bonas MacFarlane

At Bonas MacFarlane Education, we are dedicated to guiding families through the intricate education journey, helping them find the perfect fit for their children’s academic and personal development. As London’s leading educational consultancy, we understand the significance of events like the Boarding Schools Show in Dubai, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Through our participation in the Spring Tour 2024, we aim to highlight the invaluable role of British boarding schools in shaping young minds and fostering future leaders.

Empowering Families with Expertise:

The Boarding Schools Show serves as a gateway for families to explore the wealth of opportunities offered by British boarding education. As seasoned educational advisors, our team at Bonas MacFarlane brings a wealth of expertise and insight to these events. By attending the Spring Tour, we provide families with personalised guidance tailored to their unique needs and aspirations. Whether it’s navigating admissions processes, understanding curriculum options, or exploring extracurricular activities, we empower families to make informed decisions that align with their goals.

Showcasing British Boarding Excellence:

British boarding schools are renowned for their tradition of academic excellence, holistic development, and nurturing environment. Through our participation in the Boarding Schools Show, we have the privilege of showcasing the unique benefits of British boarding education to families in key markets around the world. From Dubai to Singapore, we highlight the transformative impact that these institutions can have on students’ lives, instilling confidence, resilience, and a global perspective.

A selection of the exhibiting schools including Westminster, Tonbridge and Sevenoaks

Personalised Solutions for Every Family:

At Bonas MacFarlane Education, we recognise that every family is unique, with their own set of priorities, preferences, and challenges. That’s why our approach is centered around providing personalised solutions that meet the individual needs of each family. Through one-on-one consultations at the Spring Tour, we offer tailored advice and support, guiding families through every step of the decision-making process. Whether it’s finding the right school, securing scholarships, or navigating cultural transitions, we are committed to ensuring that families feel empowered and confident in their educational choices.

Building Trust through Collaboration:

Collaboration is at the heart of our approach at Bonas MacFarlane Education. By partnering with the Boarding Schools Show, we strengthen our commitment to transparency, integrity, and excellence in educational consultancy. Through our participation in the Spring Tour, we foster meaningful connections with families, schools, and industry experts, building trust and credibility within the education community. Families can rest assured knowing that they are working with a trusted advisor who has their best interests at heart.


As we embark on the Spring Tour 2024, we are excited to connect with families across Dubai, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Singapore and guide them on their educational journey. Through our participation in the Boarding Schools Show, we strive to empower families with expertise, showcase the excellence of British boarding schools, provide personalised solutions, and build trust through collaboration. At Bonas MacFarlane Education, we are committed to helping families find the right path to academic success and personal fulfilment, one step at a time.

Dubai 16th March @ Sheraton Mall of the Emirates, Dubai
Bangkok 19th March @ Siam Kempinski Hotel, Bangkok
Hong Kong 21st March @ Wycombe Abbey School, Hong Kong
Singapore 23rd March @ Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

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