Short piece of film music by Mikael Tariverdiev

Bonas MacFarlane is proud to have a tutorial centre and consultancy branch in Almaty, Kazakhstan. 2022 sees our tenth anniversary. Almaty is also the home town of my wife, Sholpan. 

I was drawn to Almaty by the gentle approach of the people; the culture; and the extraordinary beauty of the mountains rising above city, with the Steppes extending for thousands of mostly empty miles below.

I was in Almaty over the last few weeks during the first instability to be seen in thirty years. The situation appears to be resolving itself and country will probably be stronger as a result. But the immediate impact was severe and the peace of this most elegant of cities was shattered.

On this trip, I discovered this short piece of film music by Mikael Tariverdiev who, like Almaty, is almost unknown in the West. I wanted to record my playing of it because it represents the sensibility and calm of this great, diverse city.

by Charles Bonas