Sit Down with Charles Bonas

Nihan Alyanak, our MD at Bonas MacFarlane, Turkey has created a series of short videos with Charles Bonas.

Launching October 2020, the new series tackles key questions our school placement team gets asked on all aspects of choosing schools and educating children.

Charles Bonas, our founder, will be answering these key questions, which will be posted on our socials every Thursday and updated below.

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How do you decide if a school is a good fit for a student?
Charles Bonas, Founder of Bonas MacFarlane.

Some families consider school league tables are the most important criteria when choosing a school. Do you think this is an important factor or is there more to consider?
Charles Bonas, Founder of Bonas MacFarlane.

IB Vs A Levels

Charles Bonas gives his take on the International Baccalaureate® and why over 5,000 schools teach the programme vs. the more mainstream A Level programme. IB Vs A-Level a classic parent conundrum!

US and British University Applications

Charles Bonas explains how we work with students and optimise their portfolio and application for both British and American Universities. How the method and process developed by Bonas MacFarlane since 1999 suits a dual application, with success at Harvard, Stanford and many other Ivy League Colleges.

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