The Agenda Festival | Life’s Fine Time

Agenda Festival at Hurlingham Club

Once David Wellesley-Wesley’s Independent Schools Show in Battersea Park became an institution in its own right, he realised that the informed choices it helps parents make about schools, involving individual needs, character traits and practical considerations, may also apply to later stages of life. And these choices are made accessible by relaxed but sophisticated meetings of minds and providers under one roof, surrounded by green, metropolitan space. 

Hence Agenda, a novel concept that finally takes shape at The Hurlingham Club on the 22nd May.

Those approaching their seventies may have waited long for complete time to enjoy the fruits of a life’s labour done. Born into hierarchy and austerity, the ‘Last of the Analogues’ bestride a great nexus of human progress; the final generation to be classically educated, without the digital distraction or facilitation it then invented, and the first to rebel, as a collective youth movement, against accepted norms. While suggesting ways to use this time, Agenda will partly betray its name by not imposing a turgid structure upon these freest of spirits and disciplined of mind. 

Instead, interesting speakers will simply explore with wit and perception a stage of life that, challenged as it may be by a little wear and tear, offers adventure and fine time ahead. Relevant providers, live music, champagne and picnics will help celebrate a generation that still rocks, and might yet create a second movement of it’s own.

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