Tutor the Nation

Charles Bonas has been busy helping to set up a new charity. Last August, Jacky Lambert, an honorary fellow at St Hugh’s, Oxford, decided to connect undergraduate volunteer tutors with underprivileged children. Tutor The Nation was registered as a charity a few months later.

Together with some other tutor company founders, Charles has put in place the best practices and Know How. He is passing on his enthusiasm for tutoring, that he discovered shortly after coming down from Oxford in 1992, to a new generation of tutors at the university. The mantra of Tutor the Nation is that everyone involved in teaching and higher education is to be encouraged to tutor for just one hour a week during term time. 

In addition to several Oxford colleges, the project has been keenly endorsed by  several other universities, including Cambridge. This should help scale rapidly to make Tutor The Nation into a national movement of volunteer tutors, while keeping costs to an absolute minimum. Along with undergraduates, several Bonas MacFarlane tutors have volunteered.

So far, Tutor The Nation has formed relationships with schools in Bolton, that have put forward their pupils in need of tuition. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Volunteer tuition is a highly effective way of narrowing the massive gap in opportunities for children that exist in Britain. 

Do please email Charles- charles@bonasmacfarlane.co.uk – if you would like to be involved as a tutor or to make a donation. Visit https://tutorthenation.org/ for more information.