The schools’ partnership programme uses our innovative Academy platform to bring the UK’s leading application experts live into your school. 

This is a cost-efficient way for schools to significantly boost their students chances when applying to Oxbridge and highly competitive courses such as law, medicine, business and economics. 

Partner schools access our expertise:

  • Advice is provided by London-based Bonas MacFarlane consultants;
  • Enrichment is provided by academics from top British universities;
  • Staff training from Bonas MacFarlane helps your staff to better support their pupils through the most complex university application processes.

Once on the programme pupils can also opt for additional enrichment courses and 1-1 support with Bonas MacFarlane tutors.

Qualifying students at schools on the partnership programme can also apply for Bonas MacFarlane scholarships.

To find out more 

Download pdfthe Schools Partnerships brochure

or contact James Higgins.