42 Week Course - 42 Assignments


Modules: Useful Maths and Mathematics; Transportation; Infrastructure; Useful Computing; Technology

Our weekly assignments invite students to explore essays, book chapters, news features, lectures, podcasts, videos and websites. Each assignment requires students to engage for approximately an hour, they vary in length depending on their difficulty. Lengthy book chapters allow for students to get deep into the text whilst short videos present more challenging material whilst leaving more time for thinking.

About the Course

Engineering is an extremely diverse subject, but what it brings together is logic, ingenuity and maths. This reading list aims to showcase the breadth of engineering from bioinformatics and electronics to structural and material engineering feats.

This reading list contains a range of articles, videos and podcasts that cover many topics at varying levels. Do persist with the material each week, even the more difficult items, to try to unwrap the main concepts or at least the key buzzwords. There will also be articles introducing some mathematical concepts that you may, or may not have come across before. These will stand you in good stead for engineering courses at university. For the material that interests you the most – I strongly recommend that you dig deeper with you own research.

"Engineering is an extremely diverse subject, but what it brings together is logic, ingenuity and maths."

- Yolanda Ohene

Meet the Course Designer

Yolanda Ohene grew up in a small town in Derbyshire, worlds away from the physics labs at Imperial College London, where she completed her undergraduate degree. Her third year took her to France where she did a Masters research project. The project used an atomic force microscope - a tool that feels the surface of tiny objects – to study genetically modified bacteria, which over-produced fats and are used as a biofuel.

She is currently studying for a PhD in biomedical imaging at University College London. Her research is developing a new MRI technique to explore how fluids move in the brain. Between undergraduate and postgraduate studies, she has worked on BBC science and engineering programmes and also enjoyed speaking at Cheltenham Science Festival last summer.