The admissions tests used by Oxford, Cambridge, and UK medicine, dentistry and law schools are the world’s most challenging university entrance assessment tests. We prepare students for all the UK admissions tests.

Our 5 session, intensive, 1-1 specialist preparation programmes are carefully tailored to the specific demands of each test and delivered by subject specialists. The programmes,building on Bonas MacFarlane’s 25 years of experience preparing students for entry to the world’s leading universities, are the most effective way for sixth formers to prepare for the admissions tests.

Students are taught 1-1 by Oxbridge subject specialists. The 5 sessions cover all aspects of the admissions test curriculum. Each course has a mix of homework tasks and past papers to ensure that applicants have a strong understanding of the questions that they will face.

The programmes are delivered 1-1, online or face-to-face, so wherever students are based they can access the UK’s best Oxbridge preparation.

5 individual sessions: £430

Book Your Preparation

Please call us to book your admissions test preparation. If you would prefer to make an online enquiry, please use our enquiry form.

 +44 (0) 207 223 2794

If you would prefer to make an online enquiry, please use our enquiry form.


Group Courses 2020

We also run group courses, starting in July. These are an efficient and cost-effective way for students to prepare.

Admissions Test Course Finder

Course Finder

Use our admissions test finder to check which admissions test you need to take, and find out more about your test's preparation programme.

Joint Honours

Oxford and Cambridge joint honours courses have a range of entry procedures. Some courses require applicants to take two admissions tests, others use a single test.

If you need to take two tests please contact James Higgins, our head of university admissions, who will advise how best to prepare.

Group Courses

We run group courses, starting in July for the most popular admissions test courses. These are an efficient and effective way for students to prepare.

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