I began tutoring shortly after leaving Oxford in 1992, as one of a handful of residential tutors in England at that time. The effectiveness of one-to-one education was so exhilarating that it soon became my vocation. To gain experience, I trained as a teacher and tutored many age groups, abilities and subjects in the British and American systems. Two years after teaching a first dyslexic tutee how to read, I helped my first student win a place at Harvard.

Soon, my tutoring expanded into mentoring roles. I also helped parents to integrate tutoring, school and university placement strategies, providing specialist advisors when my own knowledge was insufficient. While this concept of school and college counselling was common in the United States, Bonas MacFarlane was the first company in London to combine American counsellors with British tutors, mentors and other specialist assessors. We are now the largest company of our kind and continue to lead the way developing new approaches to supplementary education.

I have spent twenty-five years developing an approach that underpins the quality and ethos of all Bonas MacFarlane services. It has five core tenets:

  1. Our focus starts on key skills, directed at the specific way each child learns. This builds confidence to become an independent learner.
  2. Children must be happy and confident to learn. This means understanding them in the context of their family, not just school.
  3. We provide an integrated service built around clear, singular objectives. To deliver our solutions often requires a range of specialist tutors, mentors, school and university placement advisors.
  4. Specialisation and top-calibre provision is vital. We are renowned for our tutors and mentors; our support staff are highly trained; we use leading educationalists - from Ivy League advisors to ADHD experts; we place only into outstanding schools and universities.
  5. Discretion is paramount. We are trusted by many well-known families for our confidentiality. This website does not reveal names of clients or photographs of their children. It is enough to stress that our families think in global terms: they want the world’s best education.

Many of our competitors trained with us; none match our reputation. Schools, parents, universities and most importantly pupils attest to the transformational qualities of our approach, which result in scholarships to top schools and success at Oxbridge and Ivy League colleges. Former pupils now return with their own children, trusting us with the next generation.

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