A-level results day takes place on Tuesday 10th August this year. Whilst this is usually a day that causes a certain amount of anxiety even among the most confident of candidates, the backdrop of Covid-19 makes this occasion more challenging than usual.

In a sense, everything and nothing changes. Whilst students may not be receiving results in school and will not have sat exams that directly lead to their grades, they will still receive the letters that determine whether they meet their university’s conditional offer. Whether the results are favourable or not, there are many good options for all students. Some students may have even scored above their offer and would be eligible to enter Adjustment, where it is possible for a student to gain a place at a university perceived to be better than the one from which they currently hold an offer.

Whatever the student’s situation, the advice is not to panic. Clearing and Adjustment don’t just happen on Tuesday 10th August. In fact, clearing lasts well into October. There is time to research and make an informed decision and Bonas MacFarlane’s HE team will be available throughout the day for initial calls and advice completely free of charge.

Please call the team on +44 (0)20 7223 2794, if we can be of assistance.

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