You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” Maya Angelou

There’s no doubt about it - we’re living through challenging times. But rather than resting on one’s laurels and bemoaning the loss of usual routines, now is the time to seek out and seize new opportunities.  

Our online enrichment courses have been carefully designed by a team of expert tutors. They know how to help children think both creatively and independently, developing their natural curiosity whilst instilling a passion for learning. The breadth of a child’s skills and experiences is the key to their future success.

Your children will be engaged, educated and inspired from the comfort of the sofa - giving you some time to relax during the holidays! 

Each course is designed to work one-to-one with a student. Courses can be booked and completed over the duration of the summer or concluded within a week.

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Does your child have other skills they wish to pursue? Please let us know and we can create a bespoke enrichment programs. 

Aakash | Criminal Law


Aakash sat and passed the New York bar in July 2019 and has a doctorate-level degree. Aakash initially read Law in Chicago having graduated from KCL with a degree in Philosophy and Mathematics. Aakash is an international human rights lawyer and licensed New York attorney with experience in England & Wales Criminal Courts.  

Course Outline 

  • A three-day course, including time spent in a courtroom 
  • Opportunity for school students to gain real-life law experience 
  • Support with university application 

Owen | Political Awareness


Owen holds a Masters in Modern History from Oxford University, and also a BA and LLB from the University of Natal. He has been Head of Politics at Marlborough College and the King’s School, Canterbury and is now Sub-Dean of Pavocat’s Counter-Corruption Academy. He has organised conferences on Global Issues at Chatham House, RUSI and the Frontline Club. 

Course Outline 

  • Conflict, War and Terrorism

  • Threats to Democracy

  • Political Thought from Plato to NATO.

  • Social and Political Impact of the Pandemic.

Chris | Coding


Chris is an educational technologist with a background in philosophy. Over the last seven years in edtech he has given tutorials and designed courses that empower young learners to create with code. He has run sessions in some of the top prep schools in London, and is passionate about sharing his love for technology.

Course Outline 

  • Introduction to coding

  • Programming concepts

  • Scripting languages

  • Creating applications

  • Developing and publishing

George | Survival


George is a world record-breaking explorer and is on a mission to rewild humans. He believes that through the outdoors we can change lives. George will be delivering an outdoor enrichment course like no other. Both digitally and in person, George will be guiding students through the softer skills that aren’t taught on the curriculum. From making camps, fires and shelters to survival, foraging and leadership. George is a passionate enthusiastic explorer who wishes to share his experiences with the next generation.

Course Outline (In Person) 

  • Building a shelter to live in

  • Lighting a fire to cook on

  • Finding water to survive

  • Cooking food on an open fire

Chi | Body and Mind


Chi graduated from King’s College London and the University of Giessen, Germany. As a KMG certified Krav Maga Instructor and Mental Health First Aider Chi works with students and adults alike merging physical and mental health conditioning to support those in study for better physical health and a way to manage stress and build mental resilience.

Course Outline

  • Physical activity and fitness training

  • Understanding nutrition, mobility and conditioning.

  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Safety training

Bella | Philosophical Thinkers


Bella gained a BSc from at LSE in Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method. Bella has recently signed up to the Teach First graduate scheme to help further develop her teaching practise and share her love for learning.

Course Outline

  • Plato and the allegory of the cave

  • Aristotle and Virtue Ethics

  • Kant and the Categorical Imperative

  • Bentham and Utilitarianism

Oliver | Intro to Medicine


Oliver achieved 44 out of 45 in his IB from Sevenoaks and went on to win an academic scholarship at Imperial College. Oliver is training to become a doctor and has first-hand experience in applying to read Medicine.

Course Outline

  • What, Why and When - Is Medicine right for me?

  • Workload, Course content, Socialising - What’s it actually like?

  • Traditional or PBL, UCAT or BMAT - What does it all mean?

  • Get ahead of the competition - A comprehensive guide to a successful application

  • So I’m a Doctor, now what?

Will | General Studies


Will attended St Pauls School and went on to graduate from Cambridge University having read English Language and literature. Having worked as a children’s entertainer, Will is a professional tutor and actor.

Course Outline

  • What makes a Hero?

  • The Poetry of Pop Music

  • How do we create our tribe?

  • What makes scary stories scary?

Alice | Creative Writing


Alice achieved a first-class degree from Oxford and went on to teach at the Perse School and Eton College where she ran the ‘English at University’ course supporting boys prepare for Oxbridge interviews. 

Course Outline

  • Beginning 

  • Setting 

  • Plotting 

  • Creating Character 

  • Editing

  • Ending
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