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Christoper is an associate Tutor at the University of Surrey, a certified P4C (Philosophy for Children) practitioner and a member of SAPERE, the philosophy for children program developed in the UK by Oxford Brookes University.

Course Outline

  • Smart Thinking and Fallacies

  • Lie detection 

  • Rhetoric and Statistics

  • Problem-solving

  • Memory Tricks

 Mind Games

A must for those who want an easy way to sharpen their brains, this course will help you ace the intellectual jump from school to university. Also an invaluable foundation for the thinking skills assessments required for top university courses, this is the easiest, most fun way to get an upgrade for your mind!

  • Smart Thinking and Fallacies – master the fun techniques of sound logic, and learn how good reasoning can be short-circuited by the foolish or deceitful.

  • Lie detection – become an expert in communication skills so you can tell what people aren’t saying, as well as interpret what they are.

  • Rhetoric and Statistics – how to use language to make a whole room nod their heads in agreement, whilst not being fooled by cherry-pickers and percentage-wafflers.

  • Problem-solving – whether it’s getting wolves, rabbits and carrots across a river or breaking out of an escape room, you’ll become more confident at developing your own techniques

  • Memory Tricks - how learning names and numbers can be a fun game.


Course Length: Six Hours  


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