Our talks, lectures and workshops give parents, students and schools unique access to the leading thinkers and most respected heads in British and US education.


Date: Thursday 19 September 2019, 6:00pm to 7:45pm 
Venue: London School of Economics

With the Brexit deadline a few weeks away we have assembled a distinguished panel of experts from academia and the city to help us think clearly about the most historically significant event for Britain since the end of World War 2. How is Britain going to leave and what will our exit mean for Britain’s relationship with Europe and the world?

Speakers: Professor Anand Menon, Professor Costas Lapavitsas, Alastair Ryan head of European banks research with Bank of America.

The Extension Lecture Programme is delivered to WP sixth formers as part of Bonas MacFarlane's university preparation programme.

London Parents Forum | Applying to both US & UK Universities

Date: Thursday 26 September 2019, 18:00-19:30
Venue: Southbank International School, 377-381 Euston Road, London, NW1 3AU

Applying to the world's most competitive universities is a unique and daunting challenge. In this talk, aimed at parents and students, James Higgins, Director of University Admissions at Bonas MacFarlane, will discuss how to take a strategic approach.


London Parents Forum | The Pre-Test Explained

Date: Tuesday 15th October 2019. 10am-11:30pm
Venue: North Bridge House Prep School, 1 Gloucester Avenue, London, NW1 7AB

Please join us for an informative talk on the entrance test that is now implemented by many independent senior schools across the UK.