Over four decades, Bonas MacFarlane has taken a personal and unique approach to home-schooling assignments, pioneering a modern professional approach to one of the oldest forms of education.

Our team of professional educationalists will assess your requirements and then work closely with a team of experienced tutors to design a full programme of study. The curriculum will be tailored precisely to meet the needs and aims of your child. Lasting from a term to a year or longer, home-school programmes can be designed for any number of siblings.

Home-schooling accelerates learning, builds confidence, encourages independent thought and inspires children to enjoy their studies.

We typically deliver three to five hours of intensive academic lessons per day, taught by a range of subject-specialist tutors. Alongside this academic programme, children work with a mentor who develops study skills, manages the co-curricular schedule of sports and creative activities and provides parents with feedback on progress and achievement.

Many children benefit from time away from the distractions of the classroom, and we find that children home-schooled in our programme achieve excellent grades and gain places at world-renowned institutions. Most significantly, graduates of the programme become enthusiastic, life-long learners.

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