London day schools are highly academic and competition for places is fierce. Bonas MacFarlane’s placement process is justly celebrated for its thoroughness. The methodology combines rigorous assessments, top-level strategic advice, close communication with schools and carefully focused academic preparation programmes. 

We start all school placement projects with an assessment of the child. To develop a clear and deliverable strategy, our advisors need to be very clear about a child’s current academic level, their level of English and their underlying abilities.

We help families find the right nursery, school and university, and we put the academic support packages in place to enable each child to achieve their ambitions.

Each school has a different admission process, and children and their siblings often make multiple applications. This needs skilled administrators. Our team enjoys unparalleled relations with schools; they speak to and visit admissions departments every day of the school year. Admissions directors respect our appraisals of students and inform us when places arise unexpectedly. And we gain insights: only by visiting schools on a regular basis can we be sure of their continuing standards.


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