For over two decades Bonas MacFarlane has been placing residential tutors with families. They live with or near the family and deliver education full time in the home.

This form of education can transform a child’s performance and motivation in the most profound way. The education is tailored to the needs of the individual child. Tutors establish clear goals and provide regular feedback to parents and our support team in London, who have all worked as residential tutors. Parents can rely on a Bonas MacFarlane residential tutor to be reliable and effective, properly prepared and closely supervised.

Alongside formal learning in the home, residential tutors organise all kinds of activities and educational experiences for their pupil. They undertake a great deal of learning beyond the classroom, talking with each other throughout the day including mealtimes.

The tutor and student come to know one another really well. Residential tutors understand the child’s interests, likes and dislikes. They understand how family dynamics influence the child’s general level of confidence.

Our tutors, who all have first-rate academic backgrounds, provide an inspiring example for children, helping them to self-regulate and develop positive behaviour patterns. Families often form long-term friendships with their tutor.

Programmes last from a few weeks to up to a year or longer. A residential tutor can work with any number of siblings, typically delivering two to five hours of tuition per day, mixed in with sports and creative activities.

Residential tuition is a superb way to make better use of the long school holidays. During term time, the tutor provides much needed support and extra teaching outside of the school timetable. Residential tutors can also deliver a full home-schooling programme for children that are not in formal education.

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