Daily supervised learning with on-hand experts to help students manage their revision and daily schedule. Instilling good study habits, educating pupils on how to revise and reinforcing the benefits of maintaining a good diet and having a good night's sleep.

Each morning students start the day with yoga and mindfulness coaching run by a Bonas MacFarlane personal trainer. We will provide breakfast; cereals, fresh orange juice, granola, yoghurt, fruit, eggs, toast, coffee and tea before class begins.

The working day will start at 0930 with a Bonas MacFarlane tutor helping the class to structure their daily schedule; setting clear aims and objectives, offering study skill tips and revision guidelines. Sessions will be broken up into short and longer bursts so pupils remain focused on their individual objectives. 

During break time tea, fruit and biscuits will be provided. We ask pupils to provide their own packed lunch. 

Every day will finish with a review of their progress and a group discussion will be encouraged to help pupils better understand how to work more effectively. 

These controlled and managed revision weeks aim to help pupils get out of bed in the morning, help motivate them to want to revise, while remaining alert and keeping healthy. Often pupils struggle to revise independently and get distracted at home, we hope by working in a collaborative environment will help inspire them to succeed.  

Throughout the week, A-level courses and GCSE one-to-one lessons with Bonas MacFarlane tutors can be booked on an individual basis.

Bonas MacFarlane are renowned for the outstanding capability of their tutors. All have excellent academic records, coupled with proven abilities to motivate, educate and communicate.

For more information on our bespoke programmes, please see below.


The cost per day - £70, inclusive of VAT. This will include 

  • Morning with a personal trainer  

  • Food for Breakfast and break times

  • Supervised revision, 0845 to 1700 

  • Senior tutor to help structure pupils daily objectives and review progress at the end of the day

  • Priority to book one-to-one classes 

*Bring your own lunch

For Year 13 students, Bonas MacFarlane can create a bespoke programme to ensure students revise their entire A-level course. These courses are exam board specific.

Bonas MacFarlane will guarantee one-to-one tutorials however if pupils would like to work alongside their friends this can be arranged at a small additional cost. We do insist on group sizes being no bigger than four.

  • Week one - 6 hours daily, (30 hours) 

  • Week two - 6.5 hours daily, four days (26 hours) 

Courses available; English, Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History, Geography, Economics, Business Studies, Philosophy, Psychology, Latin, French, Spanish, History of Art, Religious Studies. 


The tutor responsible for their learning will cover the whole syllabus and creating a tailored program which plug gaps, strengthen weaknesses and sharpen skills to maximise outcomes. The tutor will prepare bespoke tutorials, set past-papers and develop specific revision techniques.

To book please call Bonas MacFarlane Tuition
020 7223 2794


Cost of the course £1,400 *

Group discounts**

  • two pupils - £1,600 ( £800 per pupil) 
  • three pupils - £1,800 ( £600 per pupil) 
  • four pupils - £2,000 ( £500 per pupil)

*If pupils have already signed up the revision hub this cost will be subtracted from the cost of an A-level course. All courses includes access to the revision hub's daily benefits - supervised revision, personal trainer, breakfast etc.  

** Pupils who participate in groups must be following the same syllabus. 

For students who require subject-specific help to boost their revision, Bonas MacFarlane can provide tutors at an additional cost. 

The tutor will be responsible for their learning, covering topics which the pupil is having difficulty understanding. The tutor will prepare bespoke tutorials, working closely with the student to identify what the examiner is looking for and help develop specific revision techniques.

Subjects available; English, Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History, Geography, Latin, French, Spanish, Religious Studies.

To book please call Bonas MacFarlane Tuition
020 7223 2794


Cost of tuition

Rates will vary based on the tutor’s experience, typically charged between £75 and £120 per hour.

Yondr Yondr - the perfect study buddy

The Revision Hub will be using Yondr.

Yondr pouches ensure a phone-free environment whilst still allowing our students to keep their phones on them to use in their breaks and commute. In this hyper-connected world, Yondr provides a haven from distractions, allowing you to engage with the job in hand.