Aakash | Criminal Law


Aakash sat and passed the New York bar in July 2019 and has a doctorate-level degree. Aakash initially read Law in Chicago having graduated from KCL with a degree in Philosophy and Mathematics. Aakash is an international human rights lawyer and licensed New York attorney with experience in England & Wales Criminal Courts.  

Course Outline 

  • A three-day course, including time spent in a courtroom 
  • Opportunity for school students to gain real-life law experience 
  • Support with university application 

A three-day course that gives students the ability to learn from an international human rights lawyer and spend time in a courtroom watching one or two real-life criminal cases unfold. Classroom time will allow students to put into context what they see in court and ask any questions about the law.

It is very rare for A-level or University students to have any first-hand experience with the U.K. Courts. Most job or uni applications require experience, this course is a great step for the student. Not only will this opportunity help a student decide if they want to pursue a career in law, it also gives attendees access to a lawyer, who has represented clients through UK criminal courts, New York courts and UN proceedings. Students will be given multiple opportunities to ask any questions, be told about court procedures and learn about the law.

Additionally, this experience will look great in a personal statement. It is tough to stand apart from other universities or job applicants. Talking about actual time spent in a courtroom will strengthen any academic or professional application.

This will give students an important life experience. It shows them how society punishes those that break the law. They will see actual people on trial for a crime they are being accused of. If the defendant loses the case, they may be sent to prison and forced to pay other penalties. As a member of society, this will help the student frame what it is to be a lawmaker and a lawbreaker. No two visits to the court will be the same and there will be something of interest for everyone


  • Course dates 22nd to 25th August 
  • Locations: Bonas MacFarlane Office (Chelsea) and the Inner City Crown Court (Elephant and Castle) 
  • All students need to be 16 years old 
  • Cost £825 

Course Length: Three days

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