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Bonas MacFarlane's services have been widely reviewed.

Bonas MacFarlane tutors are usually employed to help children over the major hurdles of school and university entrance... ‘We drop talented young people into families,’ says Charles Bonas, MD of Bonas MacFarlane. ‘They’re artists, West End actors, PhD scholars... gifted, exciting people who can offer a lot to children.’

Kept deliberately small and ‘bespoke’, this is the seriously upper crust of the consultancy and tutoring industry, blended, kneaded and done to a crisp according to the precise educational recipe for your privileged progeny.

Even parents who already pay for schooling no longer seem to think that tutoring is unnecessary: Charles Bonas, the managing director of a London-based tutoring agency, Bonas MacFarlane, says most of its clients are privately educated... Underlying this demand is increasing competition to get into the most prestigious universities.

The intense competition for entrance higher up the education ladder means the race for places starts sooner... Parents believe that certain nurseries open doors. Bonas Macfarlane [will] "promote your best possible chances" to find a place in a nursery school - and the next stage, be it a pre-preparatory (pre-prep) school (for boys aged 4-8) or preparatory school (for girls aged 4-11).


In a breathtakingly comprehensive, nine-stage process, Bonas Macfarlane’s placement consultants assess a child, produce a fully profiled shortlist of appropriate schools, carry out “school liaison”, arrange special school visits, guide the child through entrance exams, give them interview practice, handle all the fiddly documentation involved with the admission process and then tutor the child in the areas where they need to improve.


Parents contact us daily about Bonas MacFarlane's tutors.


  • Bonas MacFarlane provided an excellent tutor. They responded promptly to emails and sourced a suitable tutor quickly. The tutor’s sessions were enjoyable, focussed and tailored to our needs. The payment process worked very straightforwardly. I would really recommend Bonas MacFarlane.
  • We have been working with a tutor through Bonas MacFarlane for the past few months and have been extremely pleased. Our son has become a more confident writer and looks forward to his weekly sessions with Shalom. He also enjoys his sessions with his maths tutor, Tim. If you are looking for top notch tutors who create programs specific to your child's strengths and weaknesses, reach out to Bonas MacFarlane.
  • Very professional service by Bonas MacFarlane. My daughter really enjoyed working with her tutor Oliver Kidd. A wonderful person who works so well with his student. Providing detail progress update at every stage. Very supportive and going the extra mile to ensure the student is working at their optimum level. I strongly recommend him. Thank you Oliver Kidd.
  • Bonas MacFarlane is both an excellent company to work for and be a client for. The highest standards are adhered to and students flourish during the time they have with tutors. I would highly recommend them.
  • Bonas MacFarlane is London’s top tuition agency and the elite of the tutoring business. Their tuition and consultancy team are dedicated to carefully hand-picking the right tutor for the child’s needs and personality. As a self- employed tutor and mentor with 8 years experience in the industry, I have found them to be unquestionably supportive, efficient and professional to work with.


Bonas MacFarlane is an authoritative voice on what is trending at the top end of education.

Parents are taking on tutors in increasing numbers

Since 1992 their consultants and tutors have gained a reputation with thousands of discerning families

Beyond Bespoke

A suitable job for a princess – Cressida takes up teaching


A top London tutoring agency


Hiring a tutor used to be an admission of failure, now it's a status symbol.

More than one in five British secondary school pupils are now receiving extra private tuition - and the result is a booming, multimillion-pound industry.

Charles emphasized that his company has helped hundreds of children get into highly competitive selective secondary schools.

Many live-in tutors are graduates from top universities who earn higher salaries than teachers.

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