The transition to university is a challenge for all children, especially if the university is a long way from home and parental support. Bonas MacFarlane’s university mentors help children adjust to the new freedoms, manage their work, get the most out of university and plan their future careers.

Mentors can ease the transition from school to university, helping mentees acquire new academic skill sets (such as dissertation writing, taking lecture notes and dealing with new subjects such as statistics). Emphasis is also placed on to managing time and engaging in activities that will enhance career prospects.

Students perform best at university when they have a clear idea about what comes afterwards. We have a team of careers advisors who run programmes to focus a student’s ambitions, and who can arrange internships with leading practitioners in a student’s chosen sphere. We run specialist summer schools and online courses to help students with CV writing and to develop vocational skills.

University mentors work closely and confidentially with the child, parents, and student support services. Parents know that wherever their child decides to study, they have the best possible support.

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