Date: Friday 12th April, 10am-1pm
Topic: Applying to university
Speakers: James Higgins (Director of University Admissions, Bonas MacFarlane)
Ticket: £70 for one and £100 for two 
Location: St Columba's Church, Pont St, Chelsea, London SW1X 0BD

We are pleased to invite parents and students to a morning with James Higgins (Director of University Admissions, Bonas MacFarlane). James will draw on his extensive experience preparing students who are applying to the world’s major universities. He will highlight how students should tailor their applications to different education systems and, more importantly, how these differences inform what students should focus on. The second half of the talk will address questions that parents have raised during the break, ensuring that you come away with a nuanced understanding of what is important for you and your child. He will also deconstruct the UK and US applications systems in more detail.  

James has supported students to make successful applications to universities all over the world. In addition to this, he spearheaded Bonas MacFarlane’s University Preparation Programme that enables students from a variety of backgrounds to secure places at Oxbridge and Russell Group institutions. This background, alongside his experience as a teacher and a Head of Department and Head of Y10 and 11, allows James to provide considered advice on how to make a distinguished application in a balanced and practical manner. 

The talk will include a Q&A at the end to ensure that parents have all of their questions answered.

Tickets are £70 and include tea, coffee and pastries.


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