Date: Tuesday 26th March, 9:30am-11:30am
Speakers: Desmond O’Connor, Educational Psychologist & Teacher
Ticket: £20 for one ticket, £30 for two 
Location: Nutbourne, Park Gate Rd, London SW11 4NP

We want the very best for our children, and yet sometimes things stand in the way of them doing as well as they could. Hard as it can be to admit it, our words and actions can provide the biggest hurdles for our children to overcome.

Within the first fifteen minutes of this workshop with Desmond O’Connor you’ll discover the major barriers to your power as a parent. In the next fifteen minutes you’ll learn how to bring limitless love, patience and positivity into your interaction with your child. In the final half hour Desmond will provide you with a passport to instant bliss for you to dip into any time the going gets tough.

With the perfect blend of insight, advice and good-humour, Blissful Parents, Blissful Children answers more questions than it asks and empowers you to be a better parent in less time than it takes to wash a PE kit.

The talk will include a Q&A at the end to ensure that parents get the most they can from the event.

Tickets are £30 and include tea, coffee and pastries.


About Desmond O’Connor

After completing his studies at the University of Cambridge, Desmond O’Connor spent fifteen years working as a teacher and then a senior manager within the maintained and independent sectors. He trained as an educational psychologist at the Institute of Education, University of London. As well as his work in the world of education, Desmond has a keen interest in music, drama and the performing arts, and he employs this in his work with children, parents and teachers to develop creative learning solutions that boost confidence, support the development of effective strategies and make learning fun.

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