Bonas MacFarlane’s placement process is justly celebrated for its thoroughness. The methodology combines rigorous assessments, top-level strategic advice, close communication with schools and carefully focused academic preparation programmes. 

Each school has a different admission process, and children and their siblings often make multiple applications. The team enjoys unparalleled relations with schools; they speak to and visit admissions departments every day of the school year. Admissions directors respect our appraisals of students and inform us when places arise unexpectedly. And we gain insights: only by visiting schools on a regular basis can we be sure of their continuing standards. 

We only place children at schools that we know to be outstanding. We have placed hundreds of children into all the top schools, including Eton, Harrow, Winchester, Westminster, Wycombe Abbey. The entry process for these highly competitive schools is long and academically rigorous. We integrate strategic advice with tutorial preparation and mentoring, helping children to excel at the tests and be compelling at interview. Our team is proud when students win top scholarships and places at these top schools, but in truth we are most pleased when we know that we have found the right school for a child. There are outstanding schools for all abilities. Our highly experienced team have unparalleled knowledge of British schools, placing hundreds of children each year at all the best nursery, preparatory and senior schools.

All school placements start with an assessment of the child. We use a full range of academic and cognitive tests. We then have extensive conversations with parents to agree a short list of schools, which we organise for them to visit, with one of our consultants if they wish. Extensive communication between our advisors, the schools and family then continues until an acceptance at a favoured school has been secured. This may involve us negotiating for a place, particularly when a child is stuck on a waiting list, is applying late, or transferring from a different education system. 

The end result is a place at a school that we all know is right for the child.