The property advisory arm of Bonas MacFarlane complements our leading educational support and consultancy services. Our property service is independent, value-adding, and discreet. In a market that is notoriously opaque and often hazardous, we pride ourselves on helping clients make well-informed decisions.



BM property


Henry Heaton leads our property advisory team, which provides an all-encompassing, tailored service to help clients find, purchase, rent, and invest in properties that best fit their objectives.

As a leading provider of educational advice and support for over 25 years, Bonas MacFarlane prides itself on always putting the client’s best interests first and acting with the utmost discretion. These are values that Henry has upheld throughout his career, enabling him to earn the trust of his clients and build an extensive network.

Henry's property experience and knowledge is wide-ranging. Over the last 15 years, he has worked for private developers, investors and agents seeing the market from different vantage points covering acquisitions, sales and residential development.

Henry is well-versed in the British boarding school system having attended Ludgrove and St Edwards, Oxford. After finishing school, Henry went on to study at Exeter University. He is now a parent himself to two young daughters.