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A day in the life…

The secrets behind the Bonas MacFarlane tutor recruitment method. Top of the leaderboard, with an average rating of 4.88 (out of 5), can Bonas MacFarlane keep

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Take-away tutors

by Harry Constant I recently heard someone say that they are looking forward to the moment when things become precedented again after Covid 19. I

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Residential Tuition

The educational landscape has shifted significantly in 2020, with online schooling and tuition becoming the norm. This has worked well for many and has highlighted

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University Application Strategy

Our tailored Extension Reading Series gives you the tools to critically engage with your subject

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INTO Switzerland

Our founder, Charles Bonas recently chaired ‘Into Switzerland’ – an online event for parents who are considering moving their family to Switzerland. Alongside Charles, the

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children working from home

Homeschooling Your Children

The initial glee of being able to sleep in an extra hour or two will soon wear thin. We face the prospect of having to find productive and fun ways of spending the whole day together en famille in the same building – learning, earning and, in most cases, just getting along.

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